My Mission

Day after day, people put in enormous efforts, investing considerable time and energy into all their actions, hoping to find security and a small piece of happiness in the end.

However, many face challenges and obstacles on their path to happiness. The pressures of everyday life, professional demands, and personal stresses can often prove difficult. With my Vastu Vitality System, I guide you through your transformation process towards a more fulfilling life. Together, we identify energy blockages and take steps to resolve them.

By aligning your living and working spaces according to the principles of Vastu, you reorganize the flow of energy and harness the positive energies. These measures can lead not only to improved financial stability and prosperity but also have a positive impact on all other areas of life.

About Me

As an architect specializing in energetic blueprints, I create customized formulas to elevate your business’s success and productivity.

I bring a deep understanding of modern design and technical principles, which I combine with the timeless wisdom of Vastu architectural teachings. This unique blend allows me to create living and working spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also promote the well-being and harmony of their users.

My expertise enables me to grasp individual needs and align them with the fundamental principles of Vastu, resulting in tailored solutions for residential and commercial environments.

Today, I understand more deeply why I chose to study architecture. It’s a profession that not only aligns with my diverse interests but also involves working closely with people. Moreover, it fulfills my commitment to holistic thinking and action.

Throughout my life, I’ve gained experience in various fields, from various seasonal jobs and language travels to extensive work as a driving instructor in Austrian driving schools. Additionally, I spent many years as an entrepreneur in the exhibition construction industry, working across Europe.

What Drives Me

My passion lies in designing spaces that enhance people’s well-being and productivity. I firmly believe that our environment profoundly impacts our lives – it can either support or hinder us. My mission is to create spaces using Vastu Shastra and Western architecture that foster positive energy and help people achieve their goals.

My Journey

After successfully completing my diploma studies in architecture in 2001, I gained diverse experience in various areas of the construction industry.

In 2010, I embarked on the path of entrepreneurship. Initially focusing on exhibition and event construction, over time my work evolved more towards consulting for businesses, particularly in the realm of holistic spatial concepts.

My Transformation

Through continuous education and seminars, I acquired expertise in communication and sales. These skills not only enhance my projects but also reflect my enjoyment of interacting with people.

Since 2020, I have been deeply engaged in the intersection of human behavior and architecture, especially in applying holistic success methodologies. This passion led to the creation of Erfolgsarchitektur, a platform that combines my expertise and passion for integrating human needs with architectural concepts.

My Experience

Every day, I draw upon my wealth of experience, which allows me to engage successfully in various fields. Creating advertising graphics, designing presentation videos, and planning and constructing projects in the advertising industry hold a special place in my career.

For me, meaningful interactions with people must always be rooted in authenticity and honesty. Therefore, I carefully evaluate whether a new job aligns with my values and brings me joy before committing to it.

Chat with me

If you’re interested in my work or would like to connect, discuss ideas, or explore possibilities, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation call with me and unlock your business’s potential with our energetic blueprints.